Don’t let flu spoil festive season advises Tyneside pharmacies


Norchem pharmacies, based throughout the North East, are highlighting the importance of having the flu vaccine in order to fend off the illness over the festive period and reduce the risk of disruption to businesses.

Those considered being in the high risk group including people over 65 years-of-age, pregnant women and people with diabetes, asthma and kidney disease, should have already received the immunisation from their Dr or Pharmacy, but Norchem is urging others to do the same.

The pharmacy chain is advising businesses to highlight the benefits of the flu vaccine to its employees, especially in large organisations, in order to limit absence due to illness.

The flu vaccine protects against particular strains of the virus and can substantially reduce the risk of developing flu and significantly decrease the severity of the illness if it is contracted.

Norchem pharmacies are offering customers the flu vaccine on-site with a qualified pharmacist able to administer the injection. Anyone can apply to have the inoculation and people who qualify under the high risk category can have the vaccine free of charge.

Peter Batty, Chief Executive of Norchem, said: “Flu comes on very quickly and it can make people very tired and hot in a short space of time. Its sudden impact can leave people bed-ridden and feeling extremely unwell. We are urging businesses to encourage their staff to protect themselves against flu, in order to limit the impact on its workforce.

“The injection is administered by a qualified pharmacist in a consultation room within the pharmacy. It is a painless and quick injection which could save businesses many manpower hours and allow people to fully enjoy the festive period.”

Norchem pharmacies which offer the vaccination include:

  • Meadows Pharmacy
  • Martonside Pharmacy
  • Mccarthy's Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy 365
  • Crossfell Pharmacy
  • Tullochs Pharmacy


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