Stockton pharmacy dedicates a month to smoking cessation


Pharmacy 365 in Stockton is extending the message of No Smoking Day to an entire month, during which time it will aim to encourage members of the public to kick the habit.

No Smoking Day is on Wednesday, March 13. However, the pharmacy, part of the Norchem Group, will use shocking images to back up its message, as well as offering 12-week smoking cessation courses.

Pharmacy 365 is on Stockton High Street, where its Healthy Living Champion Tracy Elliott launched the month of discouragement, with the help of a giant cigarette.

Tracy said: “We all know how bad for you smoking is, but it seems that it takes hard hitting visuals, combined with the facts around the health benefits of quitting, to get through to most people and help them to make the right choice.”

“The imagery we are using, including a baby’s bottle filled with cigarette ends, to show the effect on children, may be disturbing, but we make no apologies for using them; the decision to quit is, all too often, a life and death decision.”

The pharmacy also has a series of tips for people wishing to quit smoking:

• Set yourself up a separate moneybox or bank account and pay in what you would normally spend on cigarettes. When the time is right, treat yourself for all your hard work.
• Set yourself a quit date and prepare yourself for this date. Remove any temptations such as emergency packets, lighters and ashtrays.

• Your friends and family may not like you smoking, tell them about your quit date and get their support to do it. If your partner smokes, ask them if they want to stop with you, it will be easier if you support each other.

• Try to avoid smoking areas, or activities that in the past have led to a cigarette. For example don’t sit near the door when out for a meal, if you’re further away from the smoking area it will be easier to resist the temptation.

• Cravings will typically only last for up to three minutes, if you can divert your attention during this time, you are one step closer to succeeding.

• What has worked for others may not work for you, don’t be disheartened if you have failed. There are many methods, but remember the time may not have been right for you.


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