Norchem guides holiday-makers for a safe break


Norchem pharmacy group, which owns 20 pharmacies throughout the North East, has issued a handy tips guide for holiday-makers.

Each pharmacy has a pharmacist who is able to advise customers on a range of medication, vitamins and first aid products to keep the whole family fit and healthy while away from home comforts.

There are certain items which people should take as a necessity, but also several products which can be taken to aid allergies, relieve aches and pains and enhance overall well-being.

When people travel abroad it’s important to take steps to stay healthy in order to make the best of their holiday. In foreign countries, the climate, food and tropical diseases can all threaten people’s health. 

• Make sure you have plenty of sun protection, this includes high factors. Don't allow yourself to get sunburnt and keep out of the sun during the hottest parts of the day, between 11am and 3pm.
• Wear sunglasses which have UV protection to protect eyes.
• To avoid travel sickness, sit in the front of the car or listen to music to distract the brain. Take ginger tablets or peppermint oil, they both settle the stomach and reduce the symptoms of travel sickness.
• To help prevent Mosquito bites cover arms and legs at twilight and dusk when mosquitoes are most active. Use an insect repellent, available from most pharmacies which contain at least 50% DEET.
• Antihistamines are medicines that can be used to relieve symptoms of an allergy including severe itching and help to break this cycle.
• Eating and drinking abroad should be part of the enjoyment of your holiday. If you are sensible with food and you adopt good hygiene practices, then you are less likely to fall ill. However having diarrhoea relief tablets easily available or drinking sachets which replace water and nutrients after a bout of illness will help ease any discomfort.
• Get all required immunisations prior to travelling, check with your doctor or health clinic who will advise what injections or tablets may be required. And bear in mind that some immunisations need a few months to work, so it’s important to plan ahead.
• A person’s health can be enhanced by taking vitamins. Specific ones can be taken during the summer months to help keep the body in top condition. 
-Vitamin A helps your body repair sun-damaged skin.
- Vitamin D works alongside the amount of sun exposure people are exposed to by boosting their immune system, including the skin's immune defences.
-Zinc is significant for hundreds of processes that take place in the body from cell growth and development plus strengthening immunity.
- Multi-vitamins can help to counter-act any deficiencies in the body to help keep people at their healthiest. 

Peter Batty, Chief Executive of Norchem, said: “If you take all the necessary precautions before you travel and while you are away, then you will be less likely to fall ill and you can concentrate on enjoying your holiday. Some steps also apply to people planning a holiday in the UK, its important that people enjoy their holidays, but that they are also made aware of the medical advice pharmacists can provide if health issues arise.

“All our pharmacists are fully trained to provide advice and guidance to offer customers the most relevant vitamin or supplement, bespoke to them, for the summer months. They can also provide information on allergies and the best way to combat the symptoms. 

“You can never plan for every eventuality when you’re away from home, however stocking up on products which may help to keep allergies at bay and prevent illness could be extremely beneficial in keeping people and family members safe and healthy.”


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