Norchem Invests In Allergy Treatment Training

Research carried out by Norchem, which owns 20 pharmacies throughout the North East, has revealed that 40% of North East people suffer from one or more allergies.

The pharmacy chain asked people across the region if they suffered from any allergies and how many they were affected by. Almost half of people asked said they had reactions to an allergy, which ranged from hay fever and intolerance to animal hair to severe nut allergies.

National Allergy Awareness week commences between April 23 and April 29 and aims to raise awareness of allergies, the causes, triggers and the possible treatments available.

Norchem pharmacies have fully trained staff, who can guide customers on the best remedy for their allergy and the symptoms which can occur as part of the allergic reaction.

Allergy UK estimates that at least 15 million people in the UK suffer from an allergy and this set to increase by 5% every year. The medical allergy charity also estimates that allergic conditions have increased four-fold after the past 20 years*.

Peter Batty, Chief Executive of Norchem said: “As research suggests allergies are becoming increasingly common. Our pharmacy teams have been through in-depth training to be able to advise customers on their symptoms and suggest what they can do to help manage them.

“In cases where people don’t want to visit the doctor for an allergy, our pharmacists can recommend the best remedy to pin-point the problem and help alleviate symptoms.”

“People can develop allergies at anytime in their lives and it’s important to raise awareness of some of the signs to look out for so the allergy can be diagnosed as soon as possible to avoid more serious effects, which if left could severely impact on someone’s health.”

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